A - Z | Technology Education Courses and Descriptions

UC Approved Fine Art Courses < f >

Digital Film and Web Design (HT1711/2) UC < f > Full Year

This course focuses on the creation of websites in XHTML, CSS, and HTML5 code. Students produce highly functional web pages utilizing hand coding, Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Additionally, students edit professional video projects using Adobe Premier and After Effects. All work is done in class.

Art of Digital Photography (HT1951/2) UC < f > Full Year

This course focuses on the methods, processes, and equipment used to create, modify, and present digital imagery. Instruction is focused on choosing camera settings to achieve desired effects, retouching photos in Photoshop, applying photos to photojournalistic works, and developing a professional portfolio. Class set of DSLR cameras provided. All work is done in class.

Art of Graphic Design (HT1661/2) UC < f > Full Year

This course focuses on the use of marketing techniques to create brand recognizable products. Projects are themed around student hobbies and interests, which emphasize the use of shape and color in visual communication and presentation. All work is done in class.

Engineering Design Studio (HT1531/2) UC < f > Full Year

This capstone pathway course provides students with studies in rapid visualization, aesthetics, materials and processes, presentation techniques, elements of art, principles of design methodology, product development, human factors, and prototyping. Students will also be given basic training in CNC mill setup and operation, basic CNC mill G-code programming, and an introduction to CAD/CAM. All work is done in class.

UC Approved General Elective Courses < g >

3D Printing (HT2971/2) UC < g > Full Year

The number of job ads requiring workers with 3D printing skills increased 1,834% in 4 years and 103% when comparing August 2015 to August 2014. Students learn industry standard software AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Class projects will be tested and evaluated in friendly student competitions. Students will learn the advantages and limitations of 3D printing technology first hand. All work is done in class.

Exploring Computer Science (HT0701/2) UC < g > Full Year

Explore how coding and computer logic can be applied in problem solving, web design, game creation, and robotics. This course is intended for students to simply get their feet wet coding in a fun environment, or prepare them for a higher-level computer science course. All work is done in class.

AP Computer Science Principles (HT1991/2) UC < g > Full Year

AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to the foundations of computer science . Topics include data transmission, encription, cyber-security, and software design. Students research computational innovations, code an app in JavaScript, and explore the impact of current and emerging technologies on people and society. Less than one hour of homework per week.

AP Computer Science A (HT0711/2) UC < g > Full Year

This is our Information and Communication Technologies capstone course, and is equivalent to a first-semester, college-level Java programming course. The couse introducts students to problem solving, object oriented programming, design strategies and methodologies, data structures, and algorithms. AP Computer Science A curriculum is compatible with many CS1 courses in colleges and universities. Two to three hours of homework per week.

Technology Education Elective Course (non a - g)

Product Design Studio (HT6111/2) Full Year

Product Design combines 3D modeling and wood shop to give students an introduction to the world of design, engineering, and manufacturing through computer drafting and woodworking. Students learn to follow the steps of the design process as they turn conceptual ideas into fully functioning products. Emphasis is placed on learning Google Sketch-Up software and basic AutoCAD. This course is the recommended starting point for the Technology Education Pathway offered at Pacifica High School. All work is done in class.